Keep on Trucking

Robert’s story is unlike any other. With a dark, violent past, he struggled to see a future without drugs. But after 90 days at Cedar House in 2013, he has built a successful trucking business and is a proud father.

Eight years ago, Robert’s life was out of control. 

“The addiction was a struggle for me. I couldn’t get up in the morning without doing dope.”

He was up to a quarter ounce of meth a day and couldn’t stop. His wife of 13 years was also an addict, and, according to Robert, their marriage was “nothing but violence and drugs.”

When Robert caught her cheating, he said he “went over the edge.” He received a felony charge for threatening to kill her, but, because of a mental health diagnosis, he was released into the care of Cedar House through the STAR (Supervised Treatment After Release) program.

“They welcomed me like I was part of the family.”

His experience at Cedar House truly changed him. He could finally see a way out of the dangerous lifestyle he had known for so long.

“They really cared for me. They showed me a different way of life that I really wanted.”

After completing treatment, Robert began working at a casino but wanted to pursue a different career path. He called a trucking company that was hiring and got declined because they saw a felony on his record. He went straight to the courthouse to prove that it was not accurate, and they hired him a few hours later. His life was on track until he re-married a woman who unfortunately was an alcoholic, and this marriage was also a struggle.

“I wanted so many times to do drugs again but didn’t.”

Finally, he made the decision to leave the relationship and move to Arizona. A few years later, he went to CRST Trucking School and earned his Class A license. Six months later, he bought his first truck. Robert is now an owner/operator of his own business. He bought a house in Laughlin, Nevada, and is in a new, healthy relationship.

Through his earlier challenges, Robert lost custody of his daughter, but, after eight years, he has re-connected and hopes to re-gain custody soon. His 21-year-old son pitches for his university’s baseball team, and Robert couldn’t be prouder. 

He recently paid a visit to Cedar House to share his success and thank his former case manager, Michael Harang.

“I had been through life-long drugs before Cedar House. Michael was the best person. He lifted me up.”