Grow. Change. Prosper.

At Cedar House, recovery is our mission.   We want to help guide you on your path to a total life change.  With a brief phone call, a specialist can guide you or a loved one through the confidential process for admission to Cedar House Life Change Center in Bloomington.   

Once you schedule your arrival, we will provide you a list of recommended items to bring to treatment, as well as make ourselves available to you for any additional information and support. Welcome to the Cedar House Family! 

Admissions with Medi-Cal

 Riverside County Residents: call SU CARES at (800) 499-3008. 

San Bernardino County Residents: call SARC at 909-421-4601 or (800) 968-2636.  

Private Pay Treatment Rates

Withdrawal Management/Detox

$375 per day (7-21 days)

Initial deposit for first 7 days ($2,625) due upon entry 

($1,500 of which is non-refundable)

Residential Treatment

Adult Treatment - $275 per day* (30-90 days)

Initial deposit for first 14 days ($3,850) due upon entry 

($1500 of which is non-refundable)

Perinatal/Women with children, additional $15/day per child 

(includes room & board and child care)

Outpatient Treatment

$150 enrollment fee (non-refundable)

$120 per session – group/individual

Payments are due weekly

Cedar House desires to make treatment affordable and accessible. If you need assistance or to make other arrangements, please notify your intake counselor to see what options are available to you.


Priority admission to substance abuse disorder treatment is given to:

- Pregnant intravenous drug users

- Other pregnant women who need treatment

- Other intravenous drug users

- All others who need treatment