Blessed by the Program

When Tammy reflected on her Cedar House experience, she said that she has been “blessed by this program since day one.” The program took her from a deep addiction to methamphetamines and opiate pills to a new life where she is able to support other women suffering in a similar way.

Tammy grew up around drugs and alcohol. She entered the foster system at age 13 and spent her teenage years in and out of foster homes and juvenile hall. She started using meth and drinking every day. For more than 37 years, Tammy suffered with substance use disorder. During those years, she not only spent time in county jail and prison, but she also lost her children which drove her deeper into her addiction.

Tammy came to Cedar House on April 15, 2019. She said, “This was the best decision I have ever made for myself.” After two weeks in the withdrawal management program, she began residential treatment for 90 days. At Cedar House, Tammy learned about her addiction and how drugs affected her brain. She learned about the release of dopamine and endorphins and about how long it takes to recreate new neural paths in her brain. She learned coping skills and grounding techniques as well as how to identify red flags in her life. In addition, she was able to reconcile her trauma and PTSD from childhood. She said, “Today I have 2 years 3 months and 18 days clean and sober.” Before treatment, she had not been able to stay clean for more than 18 months which was during the time she was incarcerated.

Cedar House hired Tammy as a Perinatal Support Specialist in 2021, and she enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Since graduating she has taken her recovery very seriously by regularly attending Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and staying connected to her sponsor and sponsor family. She said, “I have taken what I have learned from this program and have changed into a positive and responsible woman who loves living life clean and sober. I have found a new way of living. I love Cedar House and all the staff here. I have been blessed by this program since day one.”    

She found a new life in her recovery and was happy to share, “Today my children and three beautiful grandchildren are in my life, and we all have a beautiful relationship. My children have forgiven me for my past and are proud of me. We now go bowling, camping, amusement parks, and fishing together. I am so blessed with where I am in my life today. I am thankful to my higher power and to Cedar House and to the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous.”