Author: Cedar House

In It To Win It

As a football player, Mike knew how to run the ball and make plays. From his Pop Warner days to serving as tailback alongside Hall of Fame cornerback Ronnie Lott at USC, Mike showed grit and determination as an athlete. That fight and perseverance, along with the strong moral character instilled in him from a […]

A Mother’s Love

There’s nothing quite as strong as a mother’s love.  The moment her baby was born, Sereeta knew she would fight with everything she had to keep her son.  She never wanted to feel the pain of giving up her child again.  Since she was 19 years old, Sereeta struggled with addiction. She went to drug […]

Just Enough

Eduardo checked the gas gauge of his green Honda and realized he was almost empty. With no cash, no home, no job, and no family, he knew where he needed to go. And he had JUST ENOUGH gas in his tank to get there. From the age of sixteen, Eduardo had been abusing drugs and […]

Play the Tape Through

Try playing the tape through. When an addict’s desire to abuse drugs or alcohol strikes, they recall the full experience of what it means to get high – from beginning to end – from the moment of desire to euphoria, all the way through to the dark, ugly path it leads them on. They play […]