Author: Cedar House

Thinking Clearly

“What does Misty want?” That’s what Misty’s counselor asked as they worked through her addiction. With her judgement clouded by alcoholism, Misty struggled to pinpoint the answer. But over time, as she continued to work the program, she began to think clearly and discover the truth about what she wanted for her life. Raised in […]

Blessed by the Program

When Tammy reflected on her Cedar House experience, she said that she has been “blessed by this program since day one.” The program took her from a deep addiction to methamphetamines and opiate pills to a new life where she is able to support other women suffering in a similar way. Tammy grew up around […]

Keeping the Faith

“I would have never thought I’d be where I am today. I rely on God, and I believe Cedar House is where it all started.” Joe came to Cedar House “hungry for change”. He was tired of living a life filled with drugs and alcohol. His life was consumed with fighting, breaking promises, and feeling […]

Finding Herself

From a sheltered child to a rebellious young adult, Donna’s upbringing sounds typical, until we dig a little deeper. In spite of the challenges she faced, her strong will and moral compass gave her the strength she needed to find herself and overcome her addiction. Growing up in Fontana since the age of ten, Donna […]

Setting Goals to Make an Impact

“The biggest thing they did for me at Maple House was teach me how to set goals and accomplish them.” Over the years, Stephanie has set goal after goal for herself and, as a result, has impacted so many people. With each achievement, she found herself wanting to make more of a difference for individuals, […]

Fierce Encouragement

The harsh reality of Zehara’s upbringing came to light when she came to Maple House. She said that her “inner child was crying out for help.” She recalled that, at the age of 11, a classmate noticed bruises from the abuse she was receiving at home. A teacher got involved, and, before she knew it, […]

Quality Problems

“It’s a lot of work and a lot of stress to get things back that we lost, but these are quality problems to have.” Nowadays that is the message Jim shares with clients at the recovery center where he works. He enjoys interacting with the clients and sharing his experience because of his great appreciation […]

The Company She Kept

As a teenager, Sabrina overcame the challenges of bouncing around numerous foster and group homes, frequently being rejected for her sexuality. She emancipated from the system and prepared herself to start school. The company she kept, unfortunately, led her down a dark path instead. The young woman with whom Sabrina had a relationship since the […]

A Life Changing Year

“When I look back at 2020, it wasn’t a bad year. It was life changing for me.” With no real support structure or authority figure in her life, Erica dropped out of school in 8th grade. A few years later, when her mother was $49 short on rent, they were evicted from their apartment and […]

Keep on Trucking

Robert’s story is unlike any other. With a dark, violent past, he struggled to see a future without drugs. But after 90 days at Cedar House in 2013, he has built a successful trucking business and is a proud father. Eight years ago, Robert’s life was out of control.  “The addiction was a struggle for […]