Author: Cedar House

Signs of Addiction

If you suspect your loved one is suffering with substance use disorder, it’s important to recognize some of the signs of addiction in their behavior. Here are seven potential warning signs to watch for: 1. Avoiding friends and family If you’ve noticed that your loved one has avoided gatherings with friends and family recently, this […]

Overdose Statistics

Alarming Increases in Overdose Statistics Do you know someone who’s addicted to drugs? The sad reality is that drug addiction affects at least one in every ten Americans. And overdoses have become all too common. The nation’s drug overdose epidemic continues to affect every state and now is driven by illicit fentanyl, methamphetamines, and cocaine, […]

What Motivates You?

Sometimes one defining moment changes the course of your life. It motivates you to make a change to ensure the trajectory you’re on doesn’t result in a repeat of that moment. For Arlene, this moment was the tragic death of her brother. He overdosed on fentanyl. We hear about it on the news every day […]

How to Support Family in Treatment

When your loved one enters addiction treatment, you’re filled with a unique combination of emotions from relief to uncertainty. In times like these, you can find comfort in knowing you are doing all you can to encourage them. Here are five ways Cedar House’s Clinical Director Kathleen Smith recommends you can support your loved one […]

Weathering the Storm

Pinpointing the initial force that led someone down a destructive path can be impossible. The circumstances surrounding Bryanna’s addiction combined in a whirlwind of chaos that ultimately led to a perfect storm she knew she had to escape. The events of Bryanna’s childhood contributed to self-destructive behavior at a young age. She was continuously molested […]

Top Workplace

The team at Cedar House is honored and grateful to be recognized as a Top Workplace in the Inland Empire. Our staff is dedicated to treating every client with dignity and respect. They exemplify our core values of excellence, passion, integrity and compassion. Being a part of this team provides employees with a special opportunity […]

Finding the Light

“She saw a light in me, and I’m forever grateful to her.” When Kelli came to Cedar House amid the darkest days of her addiction, she couldn’t see the beautiful light within her. But her caring and compassionate case manager Salena could. In uncovering the rubble of Kelli’s depression and addiction, Salena discovered a spark […]

Thinking Clearly

“What does Misty want?” That’s what Misty’s counselor asked as they worked through her addiction. With her judgement clouded by alcoholism, Misty struggled to pinpoint the answer. But over time, as she continued to work the program, she began to think clearly and discover the truth about what she wanted for her life. Raised in […]

Blessed by the Program

When Tammy reflected on her Cedar House experience, she said that she has been “blessed by this program since day one.” The program took her from a deep addiction to methamphetamines and opiate pills to a new life where she is able to support other women suffering in a similar way. Tammy grew up around […]

Keeping the Faith

“I would have never thought I’d be where I am today. I rely on God, and I believe Cedar House is where it all started.” Joe came to Cedar House “hungry for change”. He was tired of living a life filled with drugs and alcohol. His life was consumed with fighting, breaking promises, and feeling […]