12 Reasons To Get Sober

Here are just a few of the ways being clean and sober will make your life better. Read on for 12 reasons to get sober at Cedar House:

1. Sleep better

When you sleep well, everything in your life feels better. Staying sober means you can finally get quality rest when you need it. You’ll be more focused and more content all around.

2. Improved diet

Eating habits tend to get worse as drug and alcohol use worsens. When you make the decision to be sober, you’ll find it’s easier to make healthier decisions.

3. Stabilize weight

Your weight often reflects your unhealthy lifestyle. Stabilizing your weight is more manageable when you’re sober.    

4. Fewer health problems

Alcohol and drug-related health problems are all too common. When you’re free of those substances, your body is free from the toxic chemicals that lead to sickness and long-term health issues.

5. More free time

Do you ever wish you had more time to spend with family, get some work done, or try out a new hobby? Being sober frees up time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

6. More money

Just imagine the money you’ll save when you’re not spending it on drugs and alcohol!

7. Stronger relationships

There’s no better way to mend your relationships or build strong new ones than getting sober. You’ll reunite family ties and become a more trustworthy friend and partner.

8. Improved memory

Do you ever wish you weren’t so forgetful? One excellent way to improve your memory is to stay clean and sober.

9. More energy

Alcohol and drugs leave you feeling tired and lethargic. When you step into your new sober lifestyle, you’ll find you have much more energy.

10. More productive

With that newfound energy, you can take on the world! In recovery, you will be a much more productive member of society.

11. Better self-image

When you feel better, you look better to everyone around you but, most importantly, to yourself. You can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of the image looking back.

12. Healthier problem solving

You’ll find that the sober version of you is much better at solving problems. The new you will find healthy ways to deal with everyday issues and life’s big challenges.

It's a beautiful day to be sober.